DW FAVORITES: ♡ "not a bad life?" "better with two" ♡
OTP: Ten/Rose
DOCTOR: 10th
OTP #2: Amy/Rory
SEASONS: 2, 4 (modern who)

Massive Whovian
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Major: Film-Making
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"900 years of time and space and i've never met anyone who wasn't important."
-the doctor

Doctor Who,
Bob's Burgers,
Pretty Little Liars,
& Supernatural.
"im so glad i met you..."
do you wanna follow me?
cause if you do then i should warn you, you're gonna see all sorts of things. ghosts from the past, aliens from the future, the day the earth died in a ball of flame. it wont be quiet, it wont be safe, and it wont be calm. but i'll tell you what it will be;
a trip of a life time!

the story of amelia pond.

It’s called the TARDIS.  It can travel anywhere in time and space.  And it’s mine!

It’s called the TARDIS.  It can travel anywhere in time and space.  And it’s mine!


endless list of favourite characters: martha jones

"I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good."

Rose met the most fantastic man in the universe, who actually thought she was the most fantastic woman in the universe and that doesn’t really happen often.
Russell T. Davies (via speslodge)


I just want you to know, there are worlds out there, safe in the sky because of her. That there are people living in the light, and singing songs of Donna Noble. A thousand, million light years away. They will never forget her — while she can never remember. … But for one moment… one shining moment… she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.


Series 3 - Human Nature


doctor who meme | two planets (1/2)

↳ gallifrey » Ah, you should have seen it, that old planet. The second sun would rise in the south and the mountains would shine. The leaves on the trees were silver. When they caught the light every morning it looked like a forest on fire.”


favorite doctor who quote per episode: amy’s choice

"My boys. My poncho boys. If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band."


A little GIF action, courtesy of Doctor Who’s new Doctor and this week’s cover star, Peter Capaldi. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Riedel for EW.

Rose Tyler + chips


Time travel is damage. It’s like a tear in the fabric of reality. That is the scar tissue of my journey through the universe. My path through time and space. From Gallifrey to Trenzalore.

30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who
Day 4: Who has been your favorite historical appearance?
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